Trial & Error

If you have been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, one thing you will learn is that no two cases are the same!  Everyone has different symptoms and ailments; which means there are many different treatments, and they don’t all work for every person.  What you will find when seeing doctor, after doctor, after doctor, is that there’s no cookie cutter treatment.  The best thing for you may not be the best thing for the next person.  Everything will have to be trial and error.  I have tried close to twenty different medications, over 10 years, to find something that worked for me.  And when I hear of something new, I will still try it.  I have finally, over 13 years of trying different medications, found a regiment that works for me.  One medication that I tried, and it really helped with the everyday pain and energy, was Lyrica.  I felt great almost all of the time! However, I gained a lot of weight over the 2 years I was taking it, even thought I didn’t change any of my eating or exercise habits.  If you look at Lyrica, the very first side-effect listed is “weight gain.”  After stopping the medication, it took me about 2 years to get the weight off, and it was NOT easy!  I know people who take this medication though and have not gained any weight at all.  It all has to do with your metabolism and your body I guess.  Like I said, everything is trial and error.

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